Golf Club Madesimo

Golf: a passion, an obsession, a love story, a nice relationship with trees, sand and water. (Bob Ryan)

The Club


The Madesimo Golf Club is an Amateur Sports Association founded in 1993 with the aim of fostering diffusion of the Golf game. It’s a mountain Golf located at 1,600 meters above sea level, viable from June to late September, weather permitting. The 6-hole course has been designed with respect for the environment and attention to the ski slopes. The Driving Range is located not far from the Club House and it’s protected by an anti-avalanche barrier. The Madesimo Golf Course is situated in a very suggestive environment, surrounded by the Alps charm where you may also come across some marmots.


The Club House is surrounded by beautiful peaks which are often covered in snow still in July. It’s a small and comfortable wooden chalet, equipped with everything you need, including the reception.

The area outside the Club House is clearly visible from the access road to Alpe Groppera and from the Golf Promenade. In Club House area, under the gazebo, races prize-giving are held, together with cheerful lunches and parties open also to non-members.

Next to the Club House is the equipment room, where is possibile to store bags and personal items.

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