This amazing 6-hole course has two holes in PAR 4 and the remaining four in PAR 3

Since 2018, two new starting tees have been created on holes 2 and 3 at about 30 meters distance.

During the competitions the first 3 holes are replicated in order to play on 9 holes total:

HOLE 1/7 - PAR 4 – 245 m.

HOLE 2/8 - PAR 3 - 120/146 m.

HOLE 3/9 - PAR 3 - 132/156 m.

HOLE 4 - PAR 3 - 125 m.

HOLE 5 - PAR 3 - 105 m.

HOLE 6 - PAR 4 - 230 m.

HOLE 7 - 8 – 9 in progress

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distance from the flag under control

to know the Pin Position.

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PAR 4 of 245 meters with a light dog-leg on the right in the final part of the hole,  which you need to pay attention to, since the very first shot.

For men: a first shot of 170 allows you to place the ball in a good position for the second shot on the green. The second pitch should be very soft considering the sloping green and the proximity to the out of bounds.

Immediately after the women's tee you need a first soft shot, due to a water obstacle and a central boulder in the middle of the way.

The main difficulty is the steep slope from right to left of the fairway, staying too much on the left, in the area of 50m, the ball will be led down on hole 2.

The uplifted green is surrounded by the out of bounds area and on the left, by a small bunker, as well as a strong slope steep from right to left, which could lead the ball into the out of bounds.

It is advisable to access the green without trolleys or bags.

The unique high position of this hole deserves a sightseeing of the stunning view of the surrounding valley and Madesimo itself. 

In this hole area, in case of helicopter landing or taking off the game must be strictly suspended for safety reasons (local rule).


PAR 3 of 120 meters, easy to move from the Tee towards hole 1 but it’s recommended to pay attention to the shooting direction. 

It’s a very tricky hole for its construction. 

On the right and for the whole length, there is the out of bounds limit. 

The reduced dimensions of the width make it even more peculiar. 

The left it is delimited by a 5-meter bank that softens in the green area and can be used as a support for green shooting.

The green is well protected, on the right by a long and narrow bunker; on the left there is a group of trees and a slope from left to right that leads to the bunker. 

At the rear of the green there is a water obstacle, which attracts the balls like a magnet and which makes the approach difficult. 

The dropping beyond the obstacle is almost mandatory in order not to get closed to the hole.

In this hole area, in case of helicopter landing or taking off the game must be strictly suspended for safety reasons (local rule).


PAR 3 of 132 meters is a beautiful mountain hole that rewards snipers.

The right side is challenging and delimited for the entire length by a lateral water obstacle, which ends with the out of bounds behind the green. 

On the left side a larch forest protects the Club House and ends with a downhill from left to right, which, in case of mistake, often lead the balls back to the fairway.

The green is strategically positioned on a plateau. A bunker and a large rock on the right front side, and by another bunker on the right side protect it. 

The approach from the bunker is always very challenging.

The medium-sized green has undulations that are difficult to handle.


PAR 3 of 125 meters has a spectacular view over the village.

Given the difference in height of about 30 meters between the starting Tee and the green below, the choice of an iron is key.

One of the two Tee Shots makes alignment difficult, but with a few steps towards the ridge, it is possible to see the whole green and decide the direction.

Inside the left little valley, which leads towards the green, there is a lateral water obstacle for the entire length.

Those who end up in the water obstacle located in the little valley will have to face a drop in a truly uncomfortable position.

There is a chance to hit the ski lift (cables, seats, etc.) with the Tee Shot. 

If happens, two options are allowed: take a new shot without penalty or play the ball as it is (see local rules).

The fairly large green has no obstacles, except for an on-going slope on the right side, which surrounds it from the right to the bottom, leading the ball to the out of bounds.

It’s recommended to address the shot to the left side where the ball finds instead a slight slope towards the green.


PAR 3 of 105 meters is slightly uphill, with the lateral obstacle made by a wet area where it is not easy to retrieve the ball.

The fairly large green is higher than the starting Tee and does not allow a direct view of the position of the flag, especially if it’s located on the bottom of the green.

Behind the green there is a strong slope that climbs the mountain and if the ball falls there, it is almost impossible to find it.

The slope on the right of the green could cause the ball to slide into the water.

In case of players on the left of the green who are waiting to access the next hole, you must wait until every player has left, before performing the Tee, as well as in case of people on the walk on the right side of the starting Tee (local rule)


PAR 4 of 230 meters worth at least 300, due to the steep uphill slope.

Very wide tee shot, which allows all players to use long woods or drives.

The only tricky obstacle is the lateral water on the right that runs along the entire length of the hole, where a small stream flows all year round.

Shooting on the green requires not to be conservative when choosing an iron (increase even by two).

Behind the green, there is the out of bounds limit positioned on the high side slope ridge, so rarely the shots will run long and in case, the slope will slow them down, of course in the rough you may lose the ball.

It’s a large and fast green with a very pronounced rise on the right side that could make the final pats insidious, especially if the flag is placed closed by.

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